Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There's a fire in the distance and you can't reach out and touch it. No it's too hot right now, and the best you can do is look and wonder how danger might feel if you were to hold your finger tips to it.

The future has a bright light encompassed with the well placed worry of all the people who've helped you decide on it. There's a lot to prepare for to walk into that bright new possability. You're going to be ready, you know that much, but no one else seems to believe you. They don't know that you've got the ability to shape up when times get tough. You've got grade 12 disease, that's all, you're just slacking off a little bit to suck the marrow out of life while you prepare for all that is to come.

You know when you get old you're going to wish that you would've taken advantage of this time, and so now that's exactly what you're doing. You've stopped sweating the small things so you can have fun here and now, so you can enjoy here and now. It's not too much to ask of everyone around you to try to enjoy it with you. It could never make you happier knowing that everyone around shares a smile that you helped put there.

You could be more selfless, you know that much. You could hold your hands out and let everyone take all they want, and you wish you had that ability. It's another night that you know you'll see everyone, and they'll all write little nothing's in your book. You hope that you'll get the best nothings to carry on into the years to come though, just to know that you tried this hard to make this many friends. You'd like to know you succeeded somewhere down the road.

If you could only play for them just one time, to let them know exactly how much they all mean to you. When you leave, you'll never see them again, and those little nothings that they leave are all you'll ever have left. You just wish you could show them all of you before they jot down those forever types of memories.

Everyone's becoming so active while you're winding down. You feel your gut push out over your pants, and for once you could care less. This is your final bout of laziness before you tie up your boots and run leg deep into the marshes of reality. The world where money is real and fun is a nightly kind of thing. This of course, is what you blindly believe and hope for.

In a few weeks I'll be stepping out into individuality and reality, and I hope it doesn't tax the relationships that I keep, because nothing would kill me more than losing the people that have been at my side for this last year.

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