Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Download Free Movies

If there's one thing that's necessary in any computer arsenal it's the integration of the .torrent file. I know many of you right now probably already know what this, or have heard it in passing, or maybe some of you just choose not to use them. I've decided to make this guide because sometimes in order to play modded games on modded systems or to download some of the necessary components, you'll need to understand bittorrents on base level.

Once again, using torrents don't require a whole lot, however, some hiccups can occur. I'll lay down the base requirements and we'll go from there.


1) Internet Connection

2) Disk Space required for file being downloaded

3) Adequet RAM ( I recommend using at least 1GB of RAM for all of you old schoolers out there.)

4) Ample online time is required to download some files.

Don't let any of these scare you, it really doesn't take much. Take Quinn Langille's computer for example. It has the computing capacity of a toaster with youtube yet it some how still manages to download some pretty hefty torrents after some time.

The advantage to using these sharing tools is the massive amount of data you can recieve in a short period of time. If you want movies, games, seasons of shows, nearly anything, a torrent will do the trick. Now before we begin to talk about the .torrent files themselves, I'll have to go over how to get the bittorrent client downloaded. Now, there are several bittorrent downloaders out there, just like there are a multitude of P2P programs (however most are now obselete on account of everyone using youtube to listen to music.), but I prefer to use the bittorrent program Vuze. It was formerly known as Azureus but then became Vuze in order to incorporate a more user friendly interface and more P2P options.

Alright, let's head on over to Vuze's site and get ourselves the setup file. (Or you can download it directly here.) Once you have the setup downloaded, dilgently follow along with the instructions and make sure you read carefully before clicking the okay button, some questions about your internet connection will be very important in the future.

Once you've gotten through the setup it's about time that you went about finding a torrent to download. Now you've got a million choices, anything you could've dreamed for, from the newest and most obscure of video games to the most bizarre and out of this world pornography that the internet has to offer. It's all there, and all conviniently packaged for you in a .torrent file.

You can find torrents using almost any search engine on the web, and eventually you'll find out where your niche is and which torrent sites will most often provide you with the right results, however to get going I'd strongly recommend you head on over to [ ] They've got an automated search engine, and more often than not, you'll find the torrent you're looking for without doing too much digging.

Now, before you go ahead and start downloading the torrent I'll refer you to two sites. These two sites offer direct downloads from the net of usually the same type of content, meaning, everything. Rapidshare and Mediafire both offer the user the ability to simply go online and download whatever it is they want without the middle man of Vuze or Bittorrent, however, the downloads tend to take a very very long time to finish, whereas torrents finish quite appropriatelty.

While you're searching for your torrents there are a few terms that will come up a lot, and you'll be wise to make sure you know what they mean. Of course, I'll give you a definition.

Seeds: Seeds are the people that are currently supporting downloaders. They have the file already completely finished, and are leaving there's on the net for you to pull from. Basically the more seeds, the faster your download finishes.

Leeches: Leeches aren't necessarily a bad thing, I've learned by experience, however, if there are too many, your download will go incredibly slow. Basically leeches are in the same position as you are, they're downloading the file, however there is one difference. Leeches are pegged as not seeding after they're finished downloading the file, so you won't benefit from them, but usually they don't have a colossal effect on you either. Basically, leechers are the same as you, except they won't allow others to upload from them.

Share Ratio: Your share ratio is the ratio of how much you download to how much you seed after your download is finished seeding. If you download a file, and you only seed so much of it before deleting it from your list of files, your status moves closer and closer to being a leecher. I'd recommend always keeping up a healthy share ratio so that you don't get restricted from downloads when you need them most. So make sure to seed after downloading, simply out of etiquet if nothing else.

Trackers: Trackers are private sites that only allow certain users to download their torrents, this is a leecher prevention method. While most allow the general seeding population to use their services so long as the person becomes a user, some trackers actually require a certain quota. They will ask users to maintain a certain share ratio, upload a certain number of files ect. I recommend trying to stay away from private trackers all together, as finding public torrent files is actually just as convinient.

That'll keep you alive for at least awhile in the wonderful world of torrents, at least as far as base knowledge goes. Learn the terms well, know them, live them, love them.

Once you've found the right torrent, download it and open it up. If it opens with a program other the the bittorrent client you've chosed (the one I provided being Vuze) then open up the client and drag and drop the torrent file into the download window, it should start immediately. Most programs will ask you what you want the destination location to be, specify it to be whichever you want it to be. C:\ something if you're on a run of the mill computer, D:\ something if you have another hardrive where you usually store all of your media.

Anyway, skip ahead to the actual downloading process. If you find that your download is running too slow, this could be for a plethora of reasons. There might be too many leechers, this is often the case. There may not be enough seeders to support the part of the file that you need, or you might not be running the connection right. If you are running from the ground, than there is little chance that you are having a connection problem, however, if you're using a wireless connection with your computer there may be some issue with virtual servers (contact your internet service provider to find out how to use your own personal router to open up virtual servers).

Using a virtual server will open up a tiny fly hole for data to pass freely through a firewall to your computer, this is a secure way to allow the torrent files to download faster. Windows will most likely notify you if the connection is firewalled by your computer system and you can opt to allow Vuze to be unblocked in future cases.

Now sit back and wait for you file to finish. That will be all for today.

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