Monday, April 6, 2009

Because sometimes I love Science

The room seemed to be a little bit bigger with each passing second, the walls creaking and unhinging all around. It seemed as though the contents of the room itself was causing the matter within the ways to disengage at a molecular level and expand, even though incredibly slowly beyond reason.

 Creaking and slipping, the material that makes up the containment slowly pushes against the mysterious force within the room and expands instinctively, yet still against the will of many that find so much solace within. As the walls become theoretically malleable, bending on themselves to push further and further away, there is a substance dancing with juvenile abandon throughout the unknown energy that is seeming to molecularly, slowly, destroy the room. 

These floating entities, these nearly invisible celestial bodies, they show no signs of life, show no signs of malignance. It is just to be understood that they are simply there. They have to be there in order to have everything make perfect sense.

Necessary Improvisation.

More creaks and more curling, more push push push on account of some unknown mass and it’s multitude of tiny personal angelic dancers. Mind you, these angelic dancers are completely and utterly theoretical, purely necessity. In the center of the room, there’s something a little bit more visible, something actually slightly tangible, though it is not completely understood. A ball of gas, a space keeper between things, simply a tiny ball of gas to contain everything that we understand.

Our own personal bubble.

Within this tiny bubble, there are lights, so many lights, illuminating everything inside. Keeping everything so warm, keeping everything in a perfect elliptical motion. These lights, they may be related to the previously mentioned celestial bodies; they may secretly know each other. One may simply be the dream of another.

Theories upon theories.

Finally, at the center of all things, is Ia, our personal little project: A child, at play, the most basic of all things. Ia, all we understand, simply the smallest part in this constantly expanding room. Though at play, we understand everything about children, about this child, we have them completely understood to a science.

This is everything we know, everything we understand, all that is real, and all that is theoretical. The child Ia, is the world, everything understood. The floating balls of light are stars, are planets, a beautiful little solar system that is being dissected and recreated each year. This makes up only 0.4% of everything. The gas within and surrounding the system. 3.6%. This comes to a grand total of 4% of all matter, completely, or close to completely, understood.

The celestial bodies, not glowing, not giving off any signs of life, this is dark matter. It isn’t actually in existence, not tangibly yet, however it must exist in order for relativity to function correctly, in order for the universe to be in gravitational equilibrium. Seems to be a pity of an existence for so much matter to be simply overlooked except for it’s effect.

Finally, the mysterious force, the mysterious cold kinetic energy slowly breaking the room apart, slowly expanding all that is known. This the theorized entity of Dark Energy. Completely hypothetical except for trace proof that was found from digging incredibly deep into space time. This is Dark Energy.

This is 75% of the universe we know absolutely nothing about.

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