Monday, March 12, 2007


I hope he doesn't hit her...if he hits her, than I don't know if there's anything I can do to stop myself from hitting him back. But really, she's the last one who should be beat, especially before me, or my friends...

So I asked Sam to come sing for the band...yeah I know, it's a girl and we're kinda metal, but since the start, I've always wanted to sound alternative and different, and having a girl be there while me n Greg shred away would really add something the industry has yet to come across. So I hope norm doesn't throw a fit every five minutes. If he's gonna be that way, and just bitch about the new lead singer, then I don't really see any reason in continuing being a band at all. But regardless, I want to keep writing music.

So I'm in seabee idol eh? singing johnny excited, I don't even like him. Everyone's like aww c'mon Jeff, Johnny Cash is the greatest, then it hit me. People suddenly seem so much more talented from six feet below the ground, maybe I should dig him up and see how well he could sing. Like, Nirvana, gained outstanding popularity with the death of Kurt. Pantera jumped into the mainstream again when former guitarist dimebag died, and he suddenly became the greatest player of all time. Then poor ol'Johnny, passed and they made a movie about him. Three fucking chords people, three fucking chords. It's not that impressive.

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