Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a year.

It seems like I tend to do this in spurts. I go a little while without blogging, and then suddenly I jump into again with some burst of gusto. I like looking back, I suppose, on all the things I wrote in the past. It's funny how my penmanship stays the same, yet the words spilled out of the pen always seem to change. It's as though I can't even really begin to imagine what the world would be like if I couldn't change my writing, or my opinions. Who would I be if I hadn't evolved, or changed from what I was only a year ago. Astounding to think of really.

I'm somewhat of a musician, or more so accomplished than I was. I recorded some songs independently, and by that, I mean I managed to work a digital camera in my favor. I guess they're somewhat amusing, you can find them on facebook, don't be afraid to friend me! However, I warn you, it's not the John Mayer quality tunes you might find while parousing youtube. I take enjoyment in being able to share a jovial tune with the world around me, however, in this day an aged, I must expect to be judged. In less words, I'd appreciate you watching and critiquing, and don't hold the harsh, I'd be glad to see what you say about me, be it good, be it bad.

An abundance of things have happened in which I'm due to elaborate on, however, I feel I should leave out some of the unpleasantnesses on account of the bitter public which may become a viewing audience of this literature. However, when I'm aptly satisfied that prying eyes will not invade, I'll make special note of how my personal life deteriorated and rebuilt in the two months of the past summer. It was bliss, ecstasy, and perhaps the most self destruction I've ever seen, but I digress. There is plenty of time to make note of all the things that have happened, now I feel I should provide you with somewhat of a quality post.

My life, today, has become something I've envied, something I've viewed from the outside for nearly a decade. I've become a funlover and perhaps that's a good thing, perhaps not, however I'm exactly where I want to be. I see the world in a different light now that I've trodden the path away from the straight-edge and I feel it should be a good future for me. I am commited, emotionally yes, and I plan to stay in such a commitment for a long time to come. I believe yesterday was the greatest leap I've taken. To go from unsure of the status, to absolutely concrete in a matter of twenty-four hours is a matter of love itself, perhaps more perplexing than anything I've seen in the last two years. However, the latter was somewhat of a distraught mess, but once again, I digress.

I feel I may end the post now in confidence that you have be subtly recapped on my life. I plan to add some more structure to my morning by attempting a blog each day. Maybe skip a weekend here or there, however, I will be prompt if any become dependent and seeing it each day. I realize how audacious and narcissistic this assumption is, however, I hope I may please the few eyes that will ever graze the fodder of the words that describe my dear life.

Thank you for listening.

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