Thursday, November 26, 2009


"We know we're not perfect, we love each other anyway,"

It's not something you think about a lot, in lieu of it all. It's not something you necessarily thought happened at all. You're living in a bubble and you had a dream and now you're awake.

If you could take one mistake away, would you? And if you had to take away one mistake, would another one just take it's place? Or is everything just too much to take away all at once? Let's say what happened, happened over a period of time, and there were some things. You couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was that happened, but for some reason you didn't quite feel yourself for a little while. You're home now.

Did you feel that too?

You're home now, and walking through that door never felt so right. You walked into the place that feels so so right to you. Do you deserve it? Probably not. This is you though, and you're going to be like you always are and assume everything will just go on as if you never messed up at all. You're going to pretend it's just going to be "Hunky-dory".

Can I please be naive and be right, just once?

I feel like Othello. I trust almost everything for what it is. I don't second guess something once it's been done, and for that I'm usually turned away and I usually do something in my best interest that puts some one else in a very difficult position. I'm sorry for that, so sorry for that, but this is right, I know this is right, for once I am right.

"Could you stay, a little longer. I could really use some extra time,"

There's a lot of this that still confuses the hell out of me. It's beating time on my head and I just can't shake it. No no no it's nothing to worry about, this is not selfish, this is right this is right this is right.

We got this

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