Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Post Dizzle!

hey there peoples of the world over, I've decided to take up blogging as an alternative source of venting. You can only play so much guitar before your fingers start bleeding and your friends start to dub you insane...Anywho. So yesterday as many of you know was a complete garbage day of school. I foresaw the garbage day the night before in a World Of Warcraft induced vision. So I faked sick and spent the day at home...playing WoW. I think i must have spent over 13 hours playing videos games yesterday, frankly my adrenaline couldn't take anymore so today I did go to school. Lame as usual...
Grease practice was good times to be had by all, till Miss Downey took an idustrial sized fire extinguisher out(bought at Costco ^_^) and completely put out Keith Whipple's fire by saying " No sir you can't play volleyball today, you'll let everyone that even goes to Grease down, you silly silly Canadian ponce you" Except now so British, it was more of a...teacher accent.
So yeah, the band's wicked, putting together a few new songs to put on the Demo that will hopefully be released in the near to nearest future, whenever we can get recorded. Oh and on the band note, I'm trying out for Seabee Idol, so if anyone has a suggestion of a song, I'm all ears, lay it on my childrens!


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