Monday, February 26, 2007


So what's goin' on children's? My weekend was sorta uneventful, I totally just sat around and played video games. I played D&D a bit on sunday night and me n Liz and the gang hung out saturday night. What did I do friday...hmmm...meh. Well, I guess right now the only important school fact I have is that I'm not playing rugby anymore, cause frankly I don't have time with all the stuff I'm already doing. I have to find an alternative...which will be tough but all well.

Grease is getting a lot better. Tonight we finished the hand jive dance, me n Trina dance sooo slutily lol. It's still fun though, I love watching everyone else do their dances, it's fun. I think we'll actually come together for the recital, it'll be great.

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