Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey guys, how are all of you out in cyberland?

Everyone that reads this, I just want you to know, that in your own way, in your own space, you are beautiful, and the best at something, and very loved, just because people don't tell you every day, or when you look into the mirror its not there, or your parents don't accept you or support what you do, know you're beautiful. Today my girlfriend cried...and it's so painful to see that in someone, do you realize what it's like to watch someone cry when you can't do anything about it? Please, try to think more of yourself and those around you.

So Simonds pride up in here, that dance is Jeudi, is anyone pumped? cause I sure am! Well not really..see I just go cause I have to for student council business and such. I'd much rather be chillin' at home playin' guitar, or WoW and y'know maybe hang out with some folks. Dances are awkward unless your "sexy" or drunk, and I'm neither A or B any day of the week, so I bet you can guess how much fun it is.

So Grease was a bomb today, we actually aced it, maybe the play'll turn out right, who knows though everything's sorta touch and go with us. I wouldn't mind if it fell through, everyone that's a part of it's really good friends now, we all clicked, and it gives me valuable time with Liz. She gets really happy when she dances, or gets to take control of the class.

anyway, thats about it
Lawl Shakespear

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