Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Some days, I'd like to take mass completely out of the picture. No gravitational pull, or attractive force to pull anything together. I'd like to watch everything fall into it's most small and insignificant parts so that I could see everything as it really is. Get a real Kant kind of glimpse at the world around me. Scientifically speaking, humans, or matter at all wouldn't exist, not even energy would exist if Einstein's right. But at the same time, maybe we'll leave just enough mass to keep us solid. Human beings.

With no gravity, with no natural physical attraction, we could base how much we wanted to be with a person, or be around people by how hard we tried to be there, or how well people met half way. You'd have to exert such an incredible effort to move an inch, and then the same effort just to move another. It would be infinite and it would be the most difficult thing you've ever done, but what choice would you make? When we all started floating into eternity, where would you start moving.

Who is home for you?

How much would you long to be somewhere, with some one, or with people. How hard would you try just to be there?

These are the things I ask myself, and for once I'm starting to know the answers.

This an impossibility, and it will never happen. It's simply a dramatic exaggeration to show intention.

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Ben said...

I liked this. Its really making me think. I might write a post inspired by this soon :)