Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ableton song list is getting long

I'm so excited that I got to sit down and sort out the pictures I got to take last week, and the songs I've had piling up in my .MIDI folder for ages. For a little while there I was losing confidence in my songwriting ability, just getting through the song-writing process.

It was around Christmas time that I started remembering all those times I would sit for a couple of hours with Adam Dincorn and try to find that one perfect harmony for something. It inspired me to start taking a couple of extra minutes with everything I've been writing so that every song will be concrete and flawless before I put it to record.

As much as I love Herman Li , I'm not going to improvise anymore.

I can't believe Make Mean booked two shows already, just small gigs, but gigs none the less. I'm really hoping we can all balance school and our favorite form of creation appropriately. February is RPM season, and I'm going to try to go into full production mode.

Complete efficiency. Pound for pound.

As long as I can keep up a good spirit and a normal diet I'll be up and running alright. Just running, and running and running and

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