Sunday, January 22, 2012


I just got contacted by Gene Brown at the Levee here in St. john's, he asked me to put on a solo set next saturday night. I'm really excited to pull out some of the stuff I wrote a little while ago and haven't been playing with a band at all. There's a lot more than just that going on this week though!

Today Braeden, RG and I sat down to start putting together some new songs and talking about what we're doing with Make Mean Everything. This week alone we're doing our first real studio recording (With Bryce Smith from the band RocketRocketShip) and playing an acoustic set at MUN for a Sociology Mixer, going to be a blast. We've also got a few shows booked into february that we're collecting details on right now!

The RPM season is coming up and that means I'll have to go into full production mode, hopefully putting out my own compilation of acoustic material while helping out my buddy Michael-Price put out his first hip-hop album. Each of us are commiting to 10 organic unreleased songs to be released on the last day of February, so everybody keep your heads up for the recordings and video blogs as they come out! You've gotta keep up!

Working this weekend and a full week of school to begin tomorrow, time to put on my Economics hat for a little while and try to be an analyst!


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