Friday, January 13, 2012

I've made a decission

I keep trying to start blogging again because I have a couple upcoming releases. I figure maybe this will give me some idea of interest so I can get motivated to put out my video blogs in February during my insane writing and recording season.

If anyone needs a recap of what may have happened since I left Saint John it went a little like this:

I became a university student

Which in all it's glory has made me feel like growing up quite and bit and trying to get on with being a person as opposed to speculating on everything and writing about it. I'm a little more skilled at economics and a little less skilled at playing guitar, but I wouldn't say to any degree that affects song writing, I'd say more on the scale of guitar solos and self-indulgent playing.

I still enjoy music, very much, and try to surround myself with it at all times. I'm playing with a band called Make Mean Everything right now, and we're trying to get as much exposure as possible.
This whole casual blogging thing is probably going to fester into a full fledged overload of material about my life that people may have no interest reading. However, consider this a reintroduction to prose and opinion, the way I write it

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