Monday, January 5, 2009

The Recording Process

We, the band, started recording our first song a few nights ago. It was something strange to actually get to this point with a group of gentlemen such as my band. We're recording with a couple of friends of ours who're already quite adequet at doing the job, it seems that the career they've chosen in this field is quite well chosen indeed. Our song sounds good, just good. My mind keeps running over the insecurities of it. I can't seem to feel comfortable about the work I've done on the project, it's as though I can't settle with the fact that i'm actually getting along well doing something musically.

I worry, as I hear the product played back to me, that I sound too much like another band. I strive to be original in all the moments I play my instrument, in all the moments I sing and create a new piece of my own art. Playing music like this reminds me of Shallow Roots reminds me of Metal reminds me of Knorm. I miss the ol' goon. He's been so adsent lately. I don't necessarily miss all the things we played, but the kinship is not nearly as present as I wish it were. We referred to each other as brothers in that time and that really keeps me on my toes. Knorms somewhat an overreaction sometimes though, which is hard to deal with sometimes.

Other than recording, lately I've been having bursts of willpower, initiative to get along and do things more than I used to. To play guitar is to be for me, so to want to keep playing rigorously as I have been is to be more rigorous than I can be. I want to keep pushing myself though, it seems much more worth it now that we've got a solid sound nailed down. Quinn agreed to be our rythm guitar player. Thank God. We needed a close friend to be in the mix with all of us. I liked Ben I like Ben I wish it could have worked out but there's too many things to do for all of our lifes to syncronize. Original Original Original keep moving.


I want to be the one on everyone's CD player someday. To be omnipresent in the world of all people. Who knows, it may be a goal within reach these days, though I feel doubtful upon that guesstimation. Keep it moving though. Keep pumping out those choons.

The Mighty Fighty Shushbugs, we are.

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