Friday, January 9, 2009

Syntax Error

Maybe you noticed and maybe you didn't.

I've started avoiding entirely proper grammar and it's brother entirely proper syntax. Quite frankly, following proper syntax all the time is for english class for resum├ęs for uninterested reading. Syntax is taxing. So I'm becoming a writing anomaly that fits into a mould that's already been established. Technically I'm not an anomaly any more but those are technical-ical technicalities. I want to think of myself as something entirely and incredibly original creative inspired. This is all semantics to make you think I'm all high and mighty in myself and my words. But technical-ical technicalities make this not even semantics. So I guess I'm just being cocky with words. You can call these


I worked out again last night, fell completely victim to the tedium of up down up down up down weight lifting. How satisfying to actually feel my muscles ache and yell again. I never want that feeling of pang pang in my arms to go away. It's the painful feeling of accomplishment. The best way to make a protien shake and make it taste good, is to buy vanilla whey powder, and add it to some ricotta cheese, with blueberries, yogurt, half a banana and some flax seed to make sure it comes out the right end at the right time to save you from a harsh gurgle gurgle when you want it least. So many things to do in one day and this just seems like another commitment for my body to commit to indefinitly. To be skinny.

I don't want to look at the sky any more. That looming depressing thing. Too many symbols spread across it trying to present themselves with some pathetic cloudy arrogance. Float on ye blasted things and don't bother me with your metaphors. Look away. So there's a forest of incredibly strong structural examples for me to follow instead of those pestilent clouds. They're strong like broad shoulders of a good viking maid and I could fall on them if I needed something to fall upon that was strong like a good viking maid. Couldn't be more wrong wrong wrong. You flock there in the forest of brick and stone to find that people have already flocked as best as flockers could in a folking of folk-titude. They want grease they want grease they want grease and some want lightning but most just want so much grease and poor quality.

no more big macs.

So you start looking for solitude-iful solace in people now instead of angry clouds and full forests of people people people. Shazam wham bam boom there's your solace that you've been searching so critically for. How much you'd find in people to keep you warm when it's cold even in the artificially heated atmosphere of your favorite sit down Big Mac Bar. Yes yes yes there's where you can find something that's truly and utterly lean-able. People can be your best friends some times next to dogs because dogs will never talk back. You can tell them your troubles and tell them your troubles and never feel bad or give anything back. Don't even bother trying to break their stoic shell that would be absolutely and entirely retarded. They don't want to have some one to lean on, they just want to have every single human being they've ever opened up to to throw problems at them like tomatoes in Italia.

Did you catch the sarcasm?

No no no people won't do either, so look for solace in a book a game a song a fake something. At least that way whatever it is your using to fake your happiness with it'll stay constant and you can never worry about it stealing your girlfriend. Except World of Warcraft which has a very shocking capability to very well steal your girlfriend, sense of style, sense of reality, sense of being, and sense of non-nerd-iness-atude. Get more and more addicted to it and you'll see but don't see because it's not the right thing to be using to try and take a break through making a fake

I like a stinkin' achin' shake
I like vanilla it's the finest of the flavors.

Come to and end come to an end be the end. I have nothing left to say about this matter any more because I have no faith left in it very much at all to lean on except a nice solid book. My dear and sweet and lovely and beloved cheloveck does give me relief most times though. Nearly every time that I tell her what's wrong she's got solution a b c and f5 right in her pocket ready to blast off for me. So not all people are hopeless.

Just most of them.

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