Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jessie, Bad Boy

Simplicity never meant very much to me. It was like I absolutely overlooked everything that was perfectly normal because it was just mundane and didn't derserve further inquiry. Passing by something small and insignificant. Something small small meaningless. You never realize how many things take on these properties while you jaunt around the places your world has become. We just pass pass leave them behind. It's not really something that you have to worry about right? It's so simple. It's common sense.

You really have to sit back now and open up an ear an eye a brain and just witness momentarily how I began to view all this simple and mundane as an incredibly insightful discovery around every turn. My mind begun to dull, and not quite enjoy all those complex and scary things that they have to teach you in school about quantum this quantum that and derivatives, so I started to turn to simple little things that I could just convince myself I knew more about then everyone else, because everyone else doesn't pay attention. This became some what of an interesting science. I was a preteen theorist and I was discovering already discovered things around every turn. Perfectly normal things that most people would just pass by.

It was in peoples actions faces movements voices. All those tiny and insignificant things that no one ever takes notice of. It was a personality embodied in action. I could fully distinguish individual behavioral patterns in teenaged girls by the age of twelve. It was quite simple. After people started confiding in me (obviously because they'd heard about my prestigious study) I began to notice many tendencies. One was implied, girls always seemed to want to date a hundred different guys, but they only stayed with the one their friends really wanted them too, because what was a boy to then but a kissing post at the end of the day. Well, for many that actually did stay more than a week became incredibly attatched and started to get broken hearted all over the place. This new epidemic of broken hearts led me to believe what all of these heart broken girls were telling me. That was BOYS SUCK.

Well you're wrong, not all boys suck. A lot of the time you just have to tell us what to do and we'll go merrily along with it and some times get enough gusto to throw in some flare and surprise you. That's just the reason that all of us BOYS SUCK. There are some other cases however, where it is not gender specific, and the male counterpart in the relationship just so happens to have some mental imbalance.

I also discovered something else that was incredibly vital to my research in past years. There seems to be a like charge shared between girls and Xbox/Playstation controls, and likewise with D'n'D minatures ect. This is because the two objects seem to repel each other with quite a shocking force. I was never completely sure why, because all I could ever think about was how the BOYS SUCK label would never be applied to any of the people who I spent my weekends with crashing away on a control and no doubt developing some deep seated carpal tunnel. So, this magnetic occurance was of course very unfortunate, as girls didn't seem to grow out of it until they were well beyond the age of fifteen. (source: myself)

Middle school was the most confusing time of my entire life because I tried to understand girls because my dad told me I would never understand girls. Now, I still don't understand girls and the BOYS SUCK, and controller magnet theories are still patent pending, so until I really get some good hard concrete evidence, I'm stuck where I am, just watching the normal mundane simple things closely, and that'll keep me happy.

On another not quite similiar note, possibly from the minor key, I can't wait for this week to come and go and come back again because my parents will finally not be here and I'll get some rest and relaxation. Then I can start back again with mom. I see how angry I've been about her, and it's honestly incredibly stupid. All the things she's over looked for me, and I don't even let her get away with asking me to do things that most people would be morally obliged to do anyway. She's only out to get the best out of me that I have to offer, and I love her for that, so I can't really so much be mad at her any more, because that is stupid.

- "With a Phrase to Cut these Lips... I love you"

(sorry I stole the lyrics at the end of it from you Ben, I just thought it was super nifty)

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