Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Nature of Man

It's amazing how we hold ourselves as human beings. It's not the way it once was, when chivalry existed and everything was exactly as it should be because everyone did their part. Every person had a role that they played because that was how it worked most easily. It amazes me now that I'm back in the roll of a part time worker as well as a full time worker. In this world, we have jobs because of the wide spread laziness. We have jobs because each man leaves behind a piece that must be cleaned up by some one else. We no longer have the opportunity to simply allow things to move as they should.

When one thing is left behind, it will eventually be moved by some one else. A job created simply to fix the neglect of another. It'll be forever like this, and it continues down, one man stands on another and another and another and it goes all the way down. Just as Atlas stands atop his turtle, and the turtle below that. Small actions weighted and transferred throughout the echelons of oft forgotten laborers. Some day, maybe we'll be able to see beyond all this, but as it stands, we as a people are lazy and require some one to clean the mess that we leave behind. It is our nature, and it always will be.

Another big part of our world, is that it is fueled forever by money. These small jobs are degrading, yet always met because of the need for money. Long before the french revolution and Voltaire, and long after Lafayette and his attempts to meld the mentality of the citizen and royalty, we have lived with a split personality. There will always be the upper and lower class, seldom melding together to meet a privileged few middle class men. If there was some way to get rid of all this, if there was some way we could come back into the ideal roots we once had, perhaps we could truly be happy again.

Don't think I'm preaching Marxism here, it's far from that. He may have got it right, but I could never truly know. If there was a way to tell, then I'm sure I would have looked into it, but sadly there is no way to simulate the motion of a world that is entirely socialist. Maybe someday we can predict how this capitalism will eventually destroy us, or maybe we can already see it as the rich plateau and the poor are too poor for them to feed off of. The graph that represents world presumed world population growth and many other things in nature, maybe very well represent how our economy is capping and falling.

If that isn't reason enough to be even a little bit scared, I don't know what is. Thing is, is our world will eventually feed itself into it's own economic and ecological death. Resources and money will run out, and the space tethers creating a new world in distant space will eventually fray and fail us. It's terrifying to me, but I'll probably be dead by the time any of this becomes reality.

If I could have it my way, I'd be working with these statistics already, going into engineering may be a bad choice, because the chemicals I'll be studying for efficiency will probably start to run out, and my life will become a race to find something to save us all from living in an empty world.

If you want my advice, if that's what you've come looking for, than I can offer very little. Just listen to these words, and try to heed them without hesitation. Do what is asked of you and more, leave nothing for the next person to finish for you, because if we can all try, even a little bit to help those below us, some how we may grow into a more compassionate and cohesive world. That way, in a small amount, we will grow and start running toward a better future. All of the ecological saving is helping, but it's not economy saving, and that's what we need to survive. It's psychological saving that needs to be put out there to help each person become who they must be to work coherently with the language of a unified world.

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