Thursday, July 2, 2009

So here we stand

In the mess of all of this, I'm standing here staring at a blank screen and slowly realizing that I'm not going to be able to come up with a way to make everyone come to my site and some how generate some sort of small internet fame. I'm simply not good enough at anything to just throw it on the internet and have a million people pick it up. I think that's what I have to look for. I've posted about this before, so I know I sound like a broken record, and I think I'll just stop now because I don't want to be redundant.

There's some things I've discovered over this little holiday, frantically searching for parties. One of them, is that, parties are incredibly hard to find in this city. This is on account of the flurry of fingers texting everyone else asking where the party is, instead of deciding to just have one themselves in one of the many obscure party places that this city offers. Now, I can't complain too deeply, because I'm one of these people. Anyone in Saint John can fess up right now, I know you all probably did it tuesday night too, if you weren't busy with Joel Plaskett, or even so, you were probably all a little tempted by an after party. Anyway, if you live east, and you were doing this, trying to find a place to party with friends, let me give you a few places that have yet to get busted under my reign (though terribly small).

1. The Rez (but be discrete)
Honestly, there might not be any easier place to just simply duck into and disappear. I spent almost all of my childhood here, and it's not too hard to just find a spot to sneak away to. Don't stay right out into the open, delve into the old clearing where the fish hatchery once stood. Find the four wheeler dug trail and just climb through the branches until you have your own personal and private clearing for all of you and your fellow party searchers.

Protip - Black smoke producing fires gets a lot of attention. Stay away from the heavy plastics.

2. Florida Beach (Spotability = Hard)

This is a tough one, because it's a ways out there, i.e. out of cellphone service far, so you'll need a friend who's been there before to point out the way. It's pretty much way way out the loch lomond road, and then a little bit further out, and then count a few kilometers, then you're just about there. Needless to say, fill up on gas aswell as booze before this little outting. Anyway, regardless of who you are, or who you're affiliated with, you'll fit in somewhere on one of the many different sites Florida beach provides. There are areas where hundreds of people hide away and have massive bonfires, and there are sites where the meekest and mildest may gently sip their coolers and feel some intense "first time drunk" kind of warmth around a small fire with just friends. Basically, it's a great spot. Check it out.

3. Your own backyard

If you're almost of age, and your parents know you drink anyway, why not just pop the question and have some people over. Chances are they know you're going to a party to get drunk anyway, so why not give them the satisfaction of knowing that if a stomach pump is required, that they're at least the first ones to know. Of course this option is touchy, because sometimes trust varies, and sometimes parents vary, so if you've got a high embarassment factor on your hands, you might want to refrain from this, and if you don't want to deal with the clean up in the morning, you may have a better bet with option 1, however, if you've got your alcohol and you're just desperate, hit up your own backyard for a bonfire, or your basement for a drunken movie night and chat-fest, it's mellow but it's doable.

Protip - Your parents probably know how good/bad you are, even if they don't let on, so don't be too afraid to approach them with this option, in fear that they might freak over it.

4. Public

Okay, here's an interesting thing to do. We've got just enough places open around the east side to sneak into a bathroom and get drunk, and I'll tell you know, wandering around the suburbs while your drunk. Woods, backyards, and so many different places to drunkenly vandalize. Come on now, it's just calling out to be done. Maybe give it a try for fun sometime. Pass up that cushy house party and take a journey. Man up and hit the east side some time.

Protip - Journing around the east side can be fun on foot, but for the love of god don't get shit faced and drive around. I don't condone that shit at all. It's just not smart guys.

Anyway, that's basically all I've got right now, but I'm sure I'll see more of this city during the summer, I'm already sort of getting to know the North End on account of a certain special some one, and with my new picture in hand I think I'll be making my way through uptown's finest on a golden carpet. Well maybe no golden carpet, but I'll surely be having a blast. I'll make sure to do another post like this when I can. For those of you who read, have fun this weekend!

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