Monday, July 6, 2009

Why do all girls think they're fat?

I know it's strange to say, but I feel bad for every girl who's so incredibly self-conscious that they drill themselves into the ground. Sometimes it's hard to battle against insecurity for a strained acceptance, but something inside me tells me that it's so much more than just insecurity for all of them. Battered and destroyed by the media monster, it's hard for any of us to be pleased with the mirror on our wall, the reflection in glass, the bitten for compliments of a loved one. It would take so much more than that to satiate the dripping maw of superficiality, however, for every girl out there who can't stand to look at herself in the mirror, I have a few words for you.

First of all, I don't want to seem biased on one side of the metabolic pendulum, however, it is true that I have more experience being compassionate with a certain type, as I myself fit in that category. For all of us who are slightly overweight or feel to be as such, I'm talking to you. I sympathize, but part of me is starting to accept it for a psychological reason. Every guy, if any are reading this, I want you to put aside your aching materialistic instincts right now and heed more words, as I feel there is apt wisdom behind them.

Now, before we begin, take into mind your stomach. Let it out, and breathe deep. We're about to pay it appreciation.

Being part of the lower metabolic isn't always such a terrible thing, because most times it comes with a gift of personality. A boy will see it and think a million things before ultimately fearing for judgement of his fears (which can be easily be put aside if you have the right friends). He will see that you're not twig thin, and this will make him feel a little nice inside, because to him this means a lot of things. Firstly, he'll realize he's not a twig himself, and he's confident enough in himself, and therefore he knows you may share equal confidence, and we all know how attractive confidence is. This is sub-conscious, so he may think of it as a strange emotion, but trust me, it is attraction. After that, he'll see that it means a lot of different things. He'll see your composure, which, could either be shy and insecure or poised and polite (though usually not ignorant).

He'll take that composure and stockpile it as information on one of his many neuron bridges. After this, he'll realize sub-consciously that you'll openly enjoy food with him, because you're not insanely obsessed with an eating disorder in order to lose weight. This will be more attractive to him than you could ever imagine. Don't worry, flaunt it.

After this, and finally, he'll slowly start to let any insecurity of his own go, because he knows you won't judge him, you'll take him for who he is, because even though innately (on account of our instinct to breed into good metabolic genes) you're both shallow, you know that you'll click a lot better on account of the personality which a tiny cute belly entails.

So girls, please please don't suck in and stop eating in front of guys in fear that it'll make them dislike, if anything, it'll make them feel more comfortable and act like themselves around more easily. Even though everything I mentioned happens in nearly the first few moments of the first sight, it's also a building thing. Just keep eating with them and showing them that you can be just as much fun as they are, and for the love of god, don't think that it's going to put you in the friend zone, because if they're that close to you, chances are they think you're beautiful.

If you think you're too big, honestly, take the test, it's what made me lose enough weight to become a healthy weight (but don't worry, I kept my tummy).

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