Monday, April 6, 2009

As these shadows fall

I've been thinking of starting a book.

I write constantly and consistently enough as it is, and I realize that it would be much better if I were to use this lesser evil for a better good. I've wanted to be an author since before I can remember. This expression of creativity eventually molded itself into an infatuation with music which eventually became a bitter denial of me having any ability at all. However, it has come time that I am motivated enough to actually begin again with what little time I have. This means I might not be blogging as much. Might. But it's quite true that I love coming here to let everyone know exactly what's on my mind anyway, so you'll probably still hear a lot from me, but now maybe you'll get little tidbits and character sketches of this so called novel that I want to write.

All my little attempts at making a high traffic blog have failed, and that motivation is starting to dwindle slightly, but I still feel I can make it happen with a little bit more motivation. I have to become somewhat more of an entrepreneur. I have to realize what it is the general population is out to see or read. wikiHow really did it right with their site, and chances are they'll be sucking up the gist of traffic, but that doesn't mean I can't put a healthy foot forward in trying. I'm contemplating making an attempt at the gadgetry niche of blogs, or the game side of them, explaining different ways to mod video games, systems, the like, this seemed to work for some people before, maybe I'll be equally as lucky.

I've also noticed that having an incredibly malignant post on these about some one caused a fluctuation in traffic like there was no tomorrow. Should I exploit people's emotions, and my own, to try to achieve some sort of psuedo-attention? I think not. That wouldn't be fair to any of you, nor true to myself, so I think I'll stay off of that road. Who knows what I'll actually end up writing about along side the book. The new novel that I'm going to try out.

Julianna, I want to take this last little tidbit of my post to tell you that I can't stop thinking about you, and it's become rather comforting to have you around. Because I make you happy, because we're meant for each other, you've truly taken the greatest steps toward making me actually believe I'm some what of a useful human-being when it comes to love. Thank you.

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