Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Acoustic Tracks Finizzled

Well, it seems like I actually got the acoustic tracks for the song finished, and they actually sound pretty good! I'm surprised, because initially I was having some real bad trouble with the meteronome not being loud enough and ect. however, I adjusted it to a snare sound, and voila! It was like I was playing a Dispatch song the whole time. Needless to say, I stayed on time for the rest of the recordings, and it went quite smoothly. Kinda like peanut butter, but not that smoothly, cause I had to do a couple takes of each track, so maybe, even though it was almost at smooth as peanut butter, it was probably as smooth as the kind of PB that has those tiny bits of nutts crushed up in them. Probably about as smooth as a jar of that after you smooth out half of the nutts, so about as smooth as a half smooth jar of crunch peanut butter. Yeah. That's about right.

Anyway, I've been joshin' around with the Line 6 effects interface most of the night, trying to download more interesing presets and what not, and now it's come to my attention that I'm an FX junky. I just love the stuff. It probably stemmed from all the excess Our Lady Peace in my musical diet at an early age, you know, all that good stuff (for more info on my influences visit this post). So I've been messing around trying to find something that really suits the song. If I can find something with just a kiss of flanger in it and maybe a well tempered delay, I think I'll really have what I'm looking for.

So that's what I've done with my night thus far, rhythms, leads, and a couple hits on the body of my clickity-blinks to make a new track. CDs got nearly two songs at this point. Wish my further luck!


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