Tuesday, April 28, 2009

December Never

Looks like today we had a pretty crap crowd at the show. All of you who did come see us play and do some stuff at the quarter carnival, much much appreciated, however, there was a select few. I think we've gotta put some spunk back into the music scene around here, it's starting to get to be a sad sight when no one shows up to any of the bands playing.

Tonight's going to be the first solid night of recording, as soon as dad gets up from his nap that is. I'm going to lay down the solid acoustic guitar track for december never, and quite possibly a shaker in the background, just something to add a little bit more girth y'know? The lyrics are already set in stone, but how to sing them is still up for a little bit of debate, how harmonies will fit and the what not.

I've got one track completely done already, and that would be a cover of Glen Hansard's Leave. I used the wonderful mixture of a simple clean guitar effect, and some heavy reverb on my voice to make it sound as good as Glenny's rendition.

Anyway, off to the races,


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