Thursday, April 2, 2009

Personal Growth

You wake up at three o'clock in the morning, you force yourself to stay awake until seven. Now sleep. You wake up in a half hour and keep yourself awake through school. Keep going, it's not going to be long before you're used to it.

You missed your naps today, a minor set back, make up for it after you suffer for it.

It'll be a little bit harder
Otherwise, it wouldn't be any fun
Sometimes you're going to want to give.
But then you don't really know yourself.
You think you're willful
Think you're strong.
Minor set backs that you have to learn to get
rid of. Minor Set backs that you
Just have to learn to get over.
But honestly.
Sometimes you just don't have the strength to press on.
But there's no use dwelling over this because
they're just minor setbacks that you can recoil upon,
that you can suffer for then bounce
back from. That you can use to better yourself.
Always Getting Better.
Keep a smile on and don't forget that you're just trying
To get better, because that's the way it's meant. To get better.
Always getting better.
Always Getting Better.
Put a smile on cause the day's almost over.
Yeah I think it's coming to an end.
And today.
It's you're day.
Your Fine Day
You're gonna do what you like
You don't have to worry about
self improvement
Because the days almost over
and when it is.
Because it's your day.
Your Fine Day

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