Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insightful Stranger

I've always wanted to meet an incredibly insightful stranger, some one who you see in the movies in an incredible impromptu place.

My insightful stranger might be standing at a food stand somewhere you'd never usually be. You'd go up and order something a little bit more risqué than you're used to, and then you'll pay with exact change. The conflict in character will strike up a conversation because, of course, this person is especially insightful. They'll start talking as though it were another normal conversation, because of course, not everyone loves having an insight thrown at them, and they'll wait to see if you respond. Play out the motions, talk about weather, ect.

Eventually, you'll let them know you need a little advice on something, you'll let spill something from deep down inside you and they'll pick it up like it's gold. They're just your every day worker, nothing particular about them, they just truly and honestly want to help you. So this will lead you to talk to them about your problems openly. After all, they're a stranger, no one to you, and for some reason they seem like they can help.

Out comes something mundane, just a simple solution, something just to make you rebut in some kind of half hearted way, just something to let them know you're willing to commit to a change, just something to tell them that you've got nothing left to lose in the situation. They'll then give you the foundation of your problem, just throw it back at you, make you put your own intuition into trying to solve it. They give you a chance, after all, they don't want to insult your intellegence by throwing something completely radical at you. They're a stranger, what right do they have?

So if you do figure it out, you'll get the smile and the nod of reassurance to let you know that you're on the right path, however if you're wrong, the insight will come in full force. This is why I need my insightful stranger. You need some one to push you over the edge of reassurance. So they'll tell you all they can, and for some reason know an incredible amount about it. They'll help you through it.

It's not just simple information, it seems like a well thought out guide. Step by step, something some one with autism would be able to pick up without any notice. They give you the steps and the right ways to go. You've made the connection now.

Maybe you'll spill a few more things about them, maybe you won't, it's no real mystery now that you've made some small kind of relationship just listening to this incredibly mundane passerby. They'll tell you what you need to know, so maybe you spill a little bit more. Of course, they won't intrude, but it makes them happy to help.

I want that experience, just some one who comes to you with absolutely no reason to either let you know you're right, or to truly put you on the right path toward psychological restoration. It's just a way to let you know they care, in some sort of distant way.

There's nothing I'd love more than to meet an incredibly insightful stranger to put me on the right path.


KC said...

I don't know that I'd ever found an insightful stranger, but I've found insight in unexpected places a few times - like in the mother of an old boyfriend, or the angst-filled college poet/finance major (yeah, what a combo) who could wax philosophical into the wee hours of the morning, or a wise colleague 17 years older than me (more father figure than mere co-worker).

Most, but not all of my insights were always my thoughts reflected back to me by others who knew me or through writing about them.

I have been fortunate to share what I've learned with others, and I know there have been a couple of times where I'd been able to reach out to another as a way to pay forward all I've learned and been helped in my life (because there's a few I'll never be able to pay back). I've always been rewarded by gaining new insights into myself by the simple act of reaching out to someone else in need. It is the WHOLE point of our existence: that we get something of value by giving to others.



KC said...

Oh, yeah, and I'd forgotten to say something else.

You seem, to be an amazing, thoughtful person.

Based on this one post I'd read, you seem to me that you just might be on the right path. Something about the way you wrote resonates with me. That one post reminds me very much of the way I think about things.