Monday, April 27, 2009

Writing for a CD

I know I know, it's been ages, but lately, I'll just be putting in small posts updating my CD recording. All my free time is now going to that. I feel like it's finally time to really take up the torch and put some music worth listening to out there. I'm not trying to talk myself up, honestly, I don't know if there's much pride surviving on the side of music lately, but I'm going to try.

All the money is going to go toward buying a new acoustic electric guitar, well, I think I'm going to take a dollar of each CD sale and donate somewhere, this is still in the works though, it depends on how many orders I get for CDs. I'm going to go about finding out how to spice up CD cases soon, probably hit up Staples some time in the following week to talk to some one about it.

In other news, the band's t-shirts have found a nice place to get their prints done, so we might actually make enough to go record this summer. I sincerely hope we can sell enough to make the profits. It's about 400$ to get there and get the songs done, this isn't including the cost of living and food, so I'm assuming that'll be about an extra 200$ each for a week, just to eat our three meals a day and to buy the necessities for living on some one's front lawn. Alright here we go, time to hit the hay so I can start fresh in the morning, thanks for all tuning it!

- Jeff Cook

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