Friday, February 13, 2009

My immense fascination with abstract music

I think it started when the back street boys went down hill. I sat down with my sister and I asked her to introduce me to music that wasn't the backstreet boys. So there we were, sitting there watching the country music station listening to something something something by Alan Jackson. It was after a few moments that she flicked over to much music, and much of my life became fascinatingly different. There it was, infront of me, it was the greatest video I'd ever seen, mind you at age six you haven't seen very much. Anyway, there it was. Clumsy by Our Lady Peace. Of course not the most abstract of pieces, but at the time it was the only thing in the mainstream at the time that was moderatly alternative, and that a six year old could listen to publically.


Absolute bliss in my eyes. So there it was, my little gateway into a little bit of abstract heaven. Our Lady Peace. I owned Clumsy (1997) as of my seventh birthday, and beyond that it was sort of the rising action of a story. From Our Lady Peace it went to Pink Floyd, from Pink Floyd it went to several other classic rock outfits,The Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson ect. Blah blah blah on and on until about grade 7. This was when it all kind of picked up for me. Here was this song in my Guitarworld magazine. It was called The Widow, and the guitar player presenting it looked at least a little presentable. So wham bam BOOM! I downloaded the song like any self respecting data pirate would. 

Point being, I hated it.

I really didn't like The Mars Volta at first, I really didn't, but something caught me when I saw the song on much music later that winter. It was still the same song, but they had an abstract video with it on "The Wedge", so I got intrigued, and I watched it, and I really got into the groove of the song.

I bought the CD.

Let's just say, Frances the Mute, is an experience, not just music. You have to listen to it from track 1 - 3, take a pee break, and from 4 - finish, because that's how it's meant, it's like a film, it's an experience. I loved it, I loved every little bit of it, and that entire night I played the CD on loop in my room while I played some blah blah blah stereotypical video game. I own all their CDs now, and am currently awaiting their new release, which is unknown date.

Finally, I've reached a climax and come to love The Blood Brothers and HORSE the band. There's no one much better at the abstract, avant garde art than these two. I strongly recommend them to anyone who enjoys a little bit of a challenge, something in aquired taste, or that just likes really good music. I'll leave you with the Blood Brothers last video, as unfortunately, they've since dilapitated musically.


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