Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Come back to Our Sheep

I'm looking back over my older posts and here realize how incredibly lengthy and monotonous they are. I've decided to cut them down by a fraction to save myself, and yourself, the agony of having so many words pass in front of your face. Besides, most of it was just fluff anyway? Right? No... i think I not, but it's not incredibly necessary, so I hereby pronounce the end of my Polonious-like wordiness.

But, as the french say, reviens a nos moutons. Which is something french actually say. It translates exactly as, "Come back to our sheep". I never quite understood the french on a proverbial level, but I digress. What puzzled me in this past week was a conflict Steve Vai had... with himself. It was strange to see the same person actually being able to act as though he were interacting with himself. It was of course a clever video trick, however it brought some things to my mind that are slightly unsettling. After Vai played a solo, his likeness referred to him as a ''wanker'', and Vai kindly accepted as though he were so confident in his own ability that insulting himself was twisted around into some sort of compliment. Several more scenes were played out in such a manner, yet the most puzzling of all, was at the point where Steve and Steve actually argued. It was a verbalization of inner conflict.

I wondered how strange it might be to actually work a conflict through with my own image. Looking into the immaculate likeness of myself, complete in every detail, and actually hearing my own thoughts come through in a voice that I seldom hear properly. My Own. Would it help the conflict? Or would each part of my personality taking part in the conflict find the other's opinion much more unnerving when spoken, and effectively drop their argumentative nature. I think this might be what would happen, hence my extremely indecisive manner. Maybe though, it would actually help to hear how incredibly irresponsible some of my premeditation is. Maybe this verbalization would greatly help me in the future.

I'll have to make a phone call and ask Dr. Octogonapus to fabricate an absolute and complete double of myself to talk to on occasion, however actually physically having another existing self would be... well I suppose that's a completely other blog altogether. Go to bed and stop reading this sholock...

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