Monday, December 15, 2008


I found myself in a room chalked full of people today, and I found myself wondering again. Allowing my mind to wander into the aimless space it finds solitude in so many times. Looking back on the photos from the day spent in the home of a Pulamoo (the hell is a pulamoo?) I found that I didn't look as despondent as I actually was. I thought about a lot of things, which may have been chlorine induced, or may have been on account of the abundance of chlorine I absorbed in the run of that day. I met so many people, and re-met more people yet in a different light than I'd ever seen them before. It was a complicated turn of events when I saw some of the people of my past, particularly the younger sibling of some one I'd spent so much time with when I was younger.

It made me ponder mostly on the value of friendship. I remember a close friend uttering something along the lines of ''Hey Jeff, come meet my new best friend!". This new best friend of course being a student from the Rothsay High swim team who had just come to the threshold of his adulthood. He was nineteen, and this is what some one would have liked to have based the value of friendship. It was an obvious joke, and we shared a laugh about it, however what surprised me most was this boys personality once the three of us actually began to talk. It was odd how much I became to know him in such a short time, and based only on the term that he was the age that he was? Does age really have this much pull on us?

I believe earlier I mentioned some one's younger sibling. It was some one who I was extremely close to in the past, and I found myself feeling incredibly strange because, she was in fact the younger sibling. I found a barrier in this. Could I ever see it the same way to share a friendship with this one even though she was younger, and played the part of the younger sibling so well in the past? This was odd indeed. After only a few moments of sharing her pleasant company I realized the value of friendship was there present as well, just as her older sister's friendship had been. How strange it was to see some one evolve from the status of younger sister, to new found friend. I was happy and proud of this achievement. It was something phenomenal that I couldn't have wished more than to find.

Another strange occurrence was the re-met friend of a friend who lived in the area. One of the captains brought her to meet the team again, as she had two years in the past, but how a new light was shed. It was a want for kinship with this one I had. It was not a crush, that would be a silly thought for I am ever and endlessly committed to some one I share extremely strong feelings for. How could they be conquered? No this musically artistic one shed a light that made me want to simply bask in her ability as I would have those bask in my own. It was something of a inner vision of mine when I began playing and heard her sing along. I adored it, such shared emotion in only a small moment. There is a distance, and it is true I will perhaps never lay eyes on her again, but it was something fun, and perhaps I'll play music next to her again. One could only hope, for I adored her being there. One could only hope.

Josh and Jeremiah, these two shone for me as well. How many years I have known them and not valued them as I do now. They were next to me for the entire duration, but there was something more there. A tender caring I found in Watkins, and in Jeremiah a jovial soul. I have friends, of course that I spend the gist of my time with, amazing entertainers, and people I see as my brothers, people I'd gladly take a bullet for. These two others though, found their way to me, in such a way that I could never deny them kinship. Perhaps in the months to come I may know them as I know my brothers, mayhap in a different way, but still positive. I realized how much I cared for them in wishing Josh to succeed in his race. I ran from the observation room to deliver him the working goggles he so lacked, however, upon arriving I sadly only saw his back end retreating gracefully into the water. I dropped my hands to my side and sighed. Then my iPod fell out of my pocket onto the floor and into the puddle of water at my side. I contemplated becoming an hero for a couple of moments, but soon just retreated to the sanctuary of the observation room.

The friends I've made, I hope to keep them at my side. My brothers, I have decided to bring to me closer than I ever have before, and my love, I hope to bring to tears with the passion of my motion and kiss. One I will never see again, two that will always be at my side and an impromptu sibling that became a friend in only a few moments of improvised speech. A successful run of events, something terrific I find. I hope that some day I will see them in this light again. I can only hope the artist I found returns though. That one of the foremost.

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