Friday, December 12, 2008

Hope Climbs atop the Piano

I've come across yet another inward thought. It happened this morning, as I clung to the phone with some kind of false hope that school might be canceled. I realized just how much faith I put in the weather broadcaster, and I realized how much hype had been made simply because of one meteorologists assumption. Of course, we're all aware that, the gist of the time, a meteorologist will make a blatantly incorrect assumption, that's simply their jobs as meteorologists to be as inconsistent as possible. This leaves me thinking though, of how people will always, despite the situation, feel that slight glimmer of hope and explore the possibilities. This morning, for example, it wasn't even snowing, yet I still called the school cancellation line. I still wanted to explore the faint possibility that the district might keep us home become of the icy roads.

All this strange hope truly makes me wonder about the human condition. Are we innately hopeful? Is every person born an optimist? I think it may be so. The conditions we end up being a part of will of course giveth or taketh away from the impenetrable optimism we are a part of in our early youth, in my opinion though, that strong hope never completely diminishes. I must call upon my example of the pending storm today once again as an example. Many people, though muted because of the cabaret tonight, wished of school being canceled this day, simply because they were given a faint hope by the jumble of snowy rumors floating around. The hope was shared universally, there did not seem to be one whom discouraged the idea. Even the drug dealers, who make their business in the hallowed halls of the school, seemed to watch the windows in a still anticipation, hoping for the snow to begin to fall.

This is all quite nice and all, but it's not concrete enough proof for me. I want to see the depth in people so badly. I want to be able to look through their eyes and truly tell how sincere that hope which they cling on to is. I know it would not be an easy task, for many have suffered through so many painful difficulties that hope is so insufficient that I could not grapple onto it, and save it. However, if ever came across one with such insubstantial hope, I would take them in and try to give them solace through instilling hope in them. This may make overbearing though, and I would not wish that, so perhaps with those whom suffer from lack of hope, the world truly will be much darker than for the ones who've retained their optimism.

This storm had better come soon, or I feel even my hope will diminish beyond tangibility. They've been hyping this storm for more than a week now, warning us, keeping us on edge about something to, to me, seems entirely fictional at this point. I hope it comes soon simply so I can get some relief. I can't always be waking up early just to get let down upon looking out of my bedroom window at yet another painfully stereotypical Saint John day. Damned Fog..

Even a torrential rain fall would've sufficed for me today, I think I just enjoy the general chaos caused by all this unpredictable weather. Mother Nature and I share the same sense of humor I feel. But perhaps not, because even though I don't mind going to school each day, it being a tired routine and quite boring at that, I feel that I could've used a day off from all of the things that have been happening, all the work. Mother Nature should've thrown me a proverbial bone for recycling since '91. I suppose it can't be helped now. Wish me luck at the school, and try to keep that hopeful side of you!


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Yea thats right, I'm postin' on your blog. Is that a Will Turner painting? Cuz' it looks and awfulll lot like one

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I totally meant to say an not and btdubbs. So I guess I could write... *an