Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polyphasic Experiment (day 1)

I'm considering this my first day of my polyphasic sleep experiment. Polyphasic sleep, is a style of sleep that allows you to take thirty minute naps at four hour intervals to allow yourself nearly 4 extra hours every day. It is considered extremely healthy as it triggers your body to go into REM sleep as soon as you lay down, and therefore allows you the same amount of rest in the small time. I'm hoping it is successful as it would be a powerful asset in my university career. I hope all of your support is behind me!

This is my first day, as all the planning took place. Tonight will be my last night in monophasic sleep mode. I'll be taking my first thirty minute "nap" tomorrow night around 1:30, the only complication is work this weekend. I'll be pretty high on caffine at that point, so try to stay away from my cranky self as much as humanly possible for the next week or so. This is going to be an extremely interesting experience and I plan to post a video blog per day, along with some text explaining in greater detail my experience.

The benefits, to me, seem to be colossal and are entirely worth the rocky first four days of the experiment. I believe that in the extra time I will be able to work much more efficiently with anything I have to do. Filling out scholarships will be my premier worry over the break. It may only last two weeks, it may last several weeks longer than that. Wish me luck everyone!! I'm going to go savor my last full night of sleep. I'll write in the morning and let you know if it was any more pleasing.

Polyphasic Sleep Schedual



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