Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Clock

This is a metaphor of how I came to fall in love.

There's a big red clock toworrow that arches out over this small town, and for a long time you've sat on it's hands looking out over the city and crying out for some release. The clock keeps ticking and moving tick tick tick. It passes milestones around every corner and they simply pass you by. Pass you by on the ticking hands of the big red clock. So you sit sit sit and wait wait wait and then you get up and take a jump.

Fast forward through the terrifying fall through the dark blue night sky. It's not much to talk about. Anyway, fast forward. You're hitting the ground and your legs are giving out underneath you because it was to much to truly take in all at one. Your legs buckle, your arms collapse at your side and your head pivots to stare back up at the big red clock. It's your time to be part of those events you see on it's illuminated dias. It's time to stand up and stop worrying like you used to. So you get to your feet and you look around. There's some one there to dance with. But you're not sure. She's the most beautiful rose you'd ever laid your eyes on. Even from watching on top of that big red clock she hadn't been one that you know. But now she's here, and she looks like she can dance. She's the most beautiful rose you've ever seen.

So you come about doing it, and dance and you sing and you both laugh a lot and it's all jovial good cordial and absolutely invigorating love. You can't believe she's there with you, sweeping her feet around the soft swept streets of the little town where you were observant and merely that. The big red clock is starting to say it's time for something new. Time to take it to the next step, but you'd waited so long before that you don't entirely mind waiting for the most beautiful rose you've ever seen. So the clock takes a backseat. It knows where it is not wanted.

You were dancing, did I mention that? You and this rose. You were just having a great time. Then she looked you in the eye and told you she loves you. Which shocks you. It's not something you hear every day and it's something that scared you so much before. Now it seems only right. You return the sentiment, and the world is flashing around you. The most gorgeous array of colors and sounds swirl up to meet your face, wet with the tears of such shear euphoria.

She loves you. She loves you. You love her.

You're down to the last layer of the world onion on this one. You don't really know how much better to let her know you care. I love you I love you I love you. It doesn't seem like it's quite enough to say at this point anymore. Like you'd like to explode and share with her the same kind of emotion you're getting from this absolute sheer ecstacy. But that's hard you see. You can't say more than I love you. So you kiss her, and hug her, and let her know a lot with the physical things you do.

She's so perfect perfect immaculate. You fit together like a well designed puzzle, and you curl in each others arms like the most playful of kittens. You've pretty much got everything for both of you. Why ruin that?

So you stare up at your BIG RED CLOCK and you know that the times coming soon, and your mind races, but it might as well lay at rest because you beat the clock before. If you need to hold it off, the beautiful rose will fully understand. It'll be like everything has just halted a little bit because you're not too sure about how much this scares you.

This is a metaphor of how I came to fall in love.

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