Thursday, February 19, 2009

But the rest of the backdrop was white

You can't see out beyond on you because of something something something. Either your mind doesn't want to let you see it or the rest of the dreams disintegrated in your memory. You probably just can't remember, move on over it and start taking note of a different detail. It's not that important that there's an entirely white backdrop. If it's important do what any one would do and just haul out some swatches and paint that shit red.

Gotta have something to be excited about so why not that excitement come from slaughter?

Thing is, you didn't sleep much last night. Again.

You were up quite a few times, twisting and turning and rolling and making mumbling noises that made perfect literal sense to you in the dazed state of post dream. Post Nightmare. You've got a problem with having nightmares a lot, you should really get that checked out.

So I started reading this book, it's supposed to be a satire on comic books, but it's actually more like a comic book with description instead of pictures. It's a Comic book in novel form. It's wonderful so far, lots of character depth. It's called "Soon, I will be invincible" it's Austin Grossman's debut and I'm glad my friend Jordan helped me find it a couple days ago. He works at indigo you see. Anyway, the book has all of those stupendous comic book aspects but with stunning diction and character personality depth.

So it's really good, and if you can find the comic book version make a day of it and buy both. I promise it will not disappoint. With the protagonist and antagonist in their own respective narratives through out the book, it kind of feels like you're an omnipresent god watching over  all of this with no hope of stopping it from happening

Think maybe God's just a guy reading our book? And when he weeps at the sad parts, that's rain ect.? Probably not, but I think it would be ironic to know that we're put in the position sometimes where we can't help any one we know is about to see some terrible turmoil.

God help us.

Sorry, he can't right now. Too busy reading.

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Anonymous said...

maybe God is just a guy WRITING a book. something he can barely control, his own emotions pouring into what is us, perhaps it's not all about his control, maybe it has to do with his lack of it. the way his own thought process works and how he can take the mess that's in his own mind, pour it out onto the pages of our life in a way that barely makes sense, but somehow, assembles itself into you.