Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a comedian

This is how I came to realize people don't understand each other.

When some one's talking to some one else it's just one big toss back and forth. Just one person doing their own thing and adding just enough to be heard on their own terms. Bouncing back and forth. Hello. How are you. Good, You. It's never really a whole lot like a real talk. It's more like each person waiting their turn to say something. Sitting around your table would be exactly the same. Talking talking conversing but not really. Just waiting patiently for your turn to say something new.

I'm not really bitter about this, I don't entirely mind it, it's just sort of there. It just something else I noticed about people. Everyone that wants to be heard is going to be heard even less and ever one that holds it in is just going to get over looked because, honestly, how could you ride if you didn't stand in line? Stoicism and stoicism and keeping it in. Don't bother, it's not going to get you anywhere but throwing yourself the wrong way off of a cliff. Just another bad tumble onto yourself and more more more tears.

I don't say holding it in is terrible. It's not bad horrible stupid. It's just not how I would go about it because I can't hold it in like that. I guess I just like knowing what's wrong, and I like to tell people what's wrong. Resolution comes easier that way. You don't have to say anything at all, but enough would be fine. Wait your turn, be patient, then let it out. You'll get compassionate patience for a little while, and then when it's their turn, you'll get a compassionate speel that they hope will make them look like a better person. And help you in some way.

Talking's really counterproductive, just masturbation without a mess. You just keep repeating a process to attain an end.

Talk talk talk

Up down up down

Talk talk talk

It's all really the same, if you look at it that way.

I don't care if you confide in me. I enjoy it, so please indulge, and I'll do my best to help. I'm sorry though, I'll probably confide in you too, when my turn comes. That's how it work, you trust me, you tell me, I trust you I tell you and so on and so forth over and over time and again. 

Note to self: Don't talk to Miranda something.  :)

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