Sunday, February 22, 2009

Highways of Gold

You've got time in one hand and you're squeezing it tight to get everything out of it. In the other hand you've got the juice of time. Essence De Temp. So you're doing nothing with the juice. You do so so so much but the taste is bitter so nobody wants it. You don't want to use it. You're not going to use it. Just move on.

We had our first official sleep over last night. This means that Julianna spent the night here while my parents were here and it was nice. We watched Wall - E and I rocket ship noise. So there was a fun time to be had be all the two of us. You could say before we went to bed that I was a separation anxiety. I wanted to stay beside her and nuzzle my head into her neck. I wanted to sleep right there on her chest and just feel her breath. I wasn't aloud. It was turmoil. But even being a separation anxiety I some how brought myself to go to bed on my own.

I move a lot in my sleep and therefore a couch provides me with cold feet and colder hands. It was a cold night altogether. There was a whole lot of grumble grumble and I woke up some. It was well worth it though. I thought about her upstairs for awhile to bring me some measure of comfort. I knew she was safe, but I was hoping her worry about being closer to my parents than to me wasn't overcoming her.

You could say I woke her up gracefully, but because she was nearly against the wall and not facing away from me, I couldn't kitchen utensil her. It was unfortunate, but I threw her arm around a little bit and she moved over to put her head on my chest. It was a perfect moment as some might say. We got up together. I changed and made her close her eyes as it would only seem polite. We left shortly after, finding out we were both a separation anxiety. I didn't want to let her walk through the door. I love you I love you I love you kiss kiss kiss and she was gone until Tuesday. It was a terrible goodbye because we both knew it might be awhile.

I put 100$ on my paypal account so that I may purchase some of the clothing on crystal children's website. It's the clothing line of Mr. Johnny Whitney, who sings for The Blood Brothers and currently Jaguar Love. They are dandy bands and their ""threads"" are fantastic. I want some, to go along with the music I listen to by them to go along with idolatry I have with Mr. Johnny Whitney.

Live at the Apocalypse Cabaret: Planting baby heads in the ground, don't make baby trees

My story:

(about julianna's future roomates) : if they don't like fish then they're satanists and I'll kill them for the christian church and sell their heads for money on eBay or Amazon and then when I get the money from their heads I'll buy more fish and then release the fish into the ocean and cry for a little while then write a song about the whole situation and record it and put it on youtube, then I'll be so popular people will want to know more about me, so I'll write a book and lots of people will buy it cause I killed satanists for Jesus, and then I'll be famous and have an entourage and I'll make them all carry little speckled trout in giant tanks and these tanks will be incredibly heavy so I'll have to get the Hulk and batman to be my entourage to carry the tanks. Then when me Batman and the Hulk are strolling through town the fish will get killed by bad guys and my fame will go down the drain cause I'll kill more people so I'll be poor and totally depressed, and sitting in my dingy single bedroom apartment, and then I'll get a bowl out and see how it's empty like my heart, but then I'll pour some Reeses Puffs Cereal.




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