Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Karmatic Sorbet

Sometimes you've gotta wonder about all the things you've ever done wrong so you can understand just how much bad karma you've got, that way you can probably gague just have possible it is for you to get lucky in a given situation. You weigh the letters numbers times that you've written, all the events that have turned out just right, and you minus them from all the good karma that's paid off. Then you take out all the bad things from the bad karma kount and you get what's left. This is your good time potential. It all breaks down to some sort of mathematical equation. This is how to approximate the chances of you having a good day.

It never works properly.

So you kind of walk on egg shells in the beginning of the day until things start going down hill or up hill and you follow the trend trying to make things go just like you want them to with the given out come of your karmatic reflux. If you've ever tried running up the down escaltor, this is what a bad day is like. If you've ever sprinted down a high slope in hopes to get to your location faster, this is what a good day feels like. On a bad day, when you get done running up against a downward force you feel a little more accomplished for making a bad day good. When you trip up from all the speedy self-indulgence on the good day slope, this is what throwing up at a party feels like.

So I finished reading Fight Club last night.

There's a sort of moral at the end of it, but I probably couldn't do it justice. I like the way books like this go, it's like a shakespearean tragedy but sans Ophelia. The main character starts out in the slums of life, has a little bit of success, rides on that success for a little while but ultimately ends up dead. It's so tragic romantic final. You don't really have to get attatched to the character if you don't want to, you don't have to pay attention to the settings if you really don't want to, you just sort of have to get in their shoes and partake in their ficitional pain. It's kind of nice.

Sometimes I wish I could fly.

I finished learning a dance solo for the musical at my school last night, so now I'm going to be able to spin around twice in a row without falling over. I think this is one of the greater accomplishments I've made in the last little while. I'm sort of proud of myself.

Well, I have to go study Coulomb's law of Electrostatics and make sure I don't confuse Electric Field intensity with Electric Potential difference tody.

At this point I'd jump up and click my heels sarcastically.

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