Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Words

I watched Bernie Mac's last feature film yesterday while I was home "sick". I don't know if I thought it was all that good because I was sick, because the movie actually held some value or because of the surreal idea that the man in the movie was dead and that this was the last thing he created before he ate dirt. I think it must have been the latter because it's hard to think that Soul Men:
Would actually capture my attention in the way that it did. But look at big old B-Mac with his white suit on. It looks like he was ready to be going to heaven before the movie even hit the big screen. He's dressed up like a hollywood god in his white suit. Maybe they were setting him up for failure. But not to take away from the actual film itself. It was well made, with a little bit of satire here and there, a good amount of humor, wonderful music. It wasn't all that bad. And now Bernie Mac is dead and it's a great movie.

I think this same thing happened with the Dark Knight. And not to offend any one at all, because I loved the movie, and Heath Ledgers performance, but just the fact that Heath died just before this movie was released causes us to feel that just being part of this movie, part of Heath Ledgers final act, was an experience all in itself.

Okay, so you should watch both films. They were pretty good. I watched something else yesterday. Which is sad, because watching this one alone is kind of a sad sad sad kind of revelation because it's meant to be watched with some one you share a kind of relationship with. Anyway, it was eleven o'clock and I was lonely so I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It wasn't that bad either. Actually, despite some of the shoddy acting on the bandmates' parts, the movie also well made. I enjoyed it most yesterday.
So that's the end of it, my first and probably only movie review because quite frankly I didn't do anything all that exciting yesterday. Now I'm off to school, though I should be staying home today instead of yesterday. I feel like shit today.

Ps. - I'll always pick you up, don't be afraid to call

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