Monday, February 16, 2009

Social Epitome

I think I'm finding more and more solace in solitude. It's lunchtime, I'm alone in the Student Council room. How ironic, the epitome of social involvment come here every day for lunch after they drive down in their cars to the mall to buy fast food or something better than a bagged lunch and I'm in their room using their computer, typing my things about them, alone.

How ironic.

You've gotta wonder where your friends go at lunch while you're usually busy, because they're not here the day you've finally got time to sit around and talk chat converse. It's funny, so I'm hittin' it up alone in the SRC room eating nothing because the bank machine's broken and my meager lunch got chewed up during physics.

I'm listening to Coheed and Cambria.

There's still no one here, but I'm standing on pins and needles waiting for them to come in. I'm just waiting for them to come in and see me typing things on their computer, in the epitome of a "simonds social area", eating nothing, listening to alternative music, alone. That would be a sight to see, me, JEFF COOK, alone some where when I could be swimming talking working guitaring dancing singing acting. But I'm not, I'm in here the epitome of social life completely and entirely alone with my words. I sort of like it like that.

I'm working on site traffic, but I don't think I provide much quality. What are people looking for anyway? Satire? Comedy? Seriousness? Something to think about? What are they going to tip-itty-tap into google next time they fire up internet explorer.

It'll probably be something along the lines of:



And I'm sad to say that I can't provide that, merely the run of my day and my insights and my different little things you might like to hear about or laugh about or chuckle pertaining to. Sorry I can't let you see all those things you want to beat off to, as much as I'd like to let you see them, it's just not my style y'know? Just not my thing.


Sarah said...

I get so accustomed to being alone with my thoughts sometimes, I wonder if it's really healthy. And then I go out and overdose on social life, and realize that the thing that keeps me sane is that time alone.

The Sitemeter I have is no longer tells me where my hits were referred from, but when it did, they usually came from people Googling for the KT Tunstall album art that I had posted on a blog 298293 months ago. That, or actual inkblots, ha.

Gray said...

Well, at least now you'll be getting the traffic from those searches. Maybe they won't stay but your pagerank may go up.