Monday, March 9, 2009


Take up your hand and look at it the way you would a beautiful little delicate little fading flower. The viens that course your blood through it giving you feeling, giving you insight, are just the threads and folicals of the flowers life. Photosynthesis in the palm of your hand is just you grabbing another piece of nourishment in some sort of bread. Look at your hand, make it a metaphor. It's so easy you could stumble upon it almost accidentally.

Take your life, relate it to a calendar. Everything already planned out. Everything has it's placed cut and pasted into the perfectly square form so that it can lay beside another event. 

Time - A chronological list of events.

You've already got it all planned out for you because you life is a calendar. The dates are exact and continuous, there's no real guesswork here. Today you get up to go to school. You wish you could just break this cursed cycle because it's starting to eat away at you that the window of oppurtunity's closing. Today you have drama after school. You could beat your hands on the walls of the concrete prison, thrash and mutilate your own flowers. This is the fruit of your design, how could you let yourself destroy it. Unscratched walls, unscathed routine. Today you have singing lessons at seven. Talk to the man on the other side and ask him 

"How can I fix all of this continuity, how can I risk more." The man on the other side says,

"How can I fix all of this continuity, how can I rish more." Face it, there is no other side, there is only you talking to you talking to you talking to yourself. Cling onto this thought because for awhile it'll be comfy complaining to yourself, but it'll only be so long before you go insane, and you'll need to this fact to crawl back to reality.

So you want to fix all this. Today you have dance lessons after singing lessons. You scribble things down in a notepad without thinking, you just scrawl and dribble on about nothing in poetic form. Look at the clock, it's only been five minutes. Right now you're supposed to be doing homework. The schedule makes sure that right now you're supposed to be doing your homework. Today, you do your homework. It's going to be a long road back to the way you could've been if you hadn't chosen to grow up at age thirteen and become bitter by eighteen.

Today you should be asleep.


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