Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could you Believe it?

Okay, I slept in on my first core sleep last night. Actually quite badly. But I'm not giving up yet. I think I can keep cutting back that over sleep time if I really try, and not to mention that I should start a day with full sleep and all the naps in before I attempt staying up all night any time soon. I'm pretty excited to actually get this under way, but I guess it'll be a much longer process than just deciding not to sleep one night.

I looked at some medical journals about all of this recently and it actually turns out that polyphasic sleeping is a tried and tested method of many military organizations. I guess if I do get it down pat, I'll be ready to be drafted if anything really bad goes down, such as snow in nearly april.

Oh wait, that happened.

Can you believe this!? Mother Nature must be really pissed off about something because quite frankly, this snow fall/no school cancellation is just too much for me. It's going to be either a super long day today, or we'll get sent home at lunch because that's what the bumbling school district always ends up doing if the going gets tough weather-wise. Mainly, I don't want to be in school today for any extended period of time because I'll a) Have to go to Biology. b) Have to Write that Physics test. c) Shovel AFTER a day at school rather than shovel INSTEAD of a day at school.

God! You'd think this whole environment thing would start cutting us some slack, what with the reduction of CO2 emissions, the swirl light bulbs and the lack of cow cloning. I just simply can't believe it. I want to go down to the school district and tell them it's simply a misunderstanding with Mother Nature, and that we should all stay in our homes for the next week or so just until everything shells over. We don't want any one getting hurt now do we?

Basically, I'm incredibly bitter about actually having to leave the house today.

I'll get over it.

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