Sunday, March 22, 2009

Once (Part 2)

It's explosive and it's amazing. It's fireworks, it's calamity. It's the beautiful beautiful chaos that we bleed for. It's the wonderful thriving anarchy that we pray for. It's everything you thought it would be, and now it's more. It's something so much... so much... so much. It's just that. If you could put words to the music it wouldn't be a dance at all. If you could put music to the music you heard, if you could remember that bah-dum bah-dum tripped up melody, you'd have beauty in the palm of your hand. You'd have beauty there in your arms. bah-dum bah-dum.


If it could only have lasted a little bit longer. The three days that were so so so perfect. They were the last piece of sky delievered on the freshest air on to the puzzle you've been piecing. You'd harbour the truth, but it's screaming. You'd pull that tooth, but you just love that screaming. Oh the truth the truth the truth. You can't keep it. "The world's going to know" Oh oh oh the truth the truth the truth. I know they know and it's wonderful. It's ecstasy it's bah-dum bah-dum beautiful.

Preparing for descent

Did you worry worry wart? Did you niggle on the little platter a fine piece of worry cuisine? Tickity tock, no time for that, so you didn't. Tore the paper. Doned the robe. Bah-dum Bah-dum. If you could only remember that melody. Oh how you'd hold beauty in your arms. Oh how you'd want to harbour the screaming truth. It's out it's out it's out. Worth a high-five? Worth a "Finally man!" Worth a beautiful beautiful melody? Yes yes yes and more so than ever yes. You let out the screaming truth because the world knows and it's over and it's beautiful.

Grounding in 3

You're just so caught up in all of the perfection. It's picture perfect. Picture-esque facade on the back of a napkin where you ate. All those places you ate. Morning morning morning. bah-dum bah-dum. You're eating and you're walking and it's just cold enough to stop holding hands. You don't like it, don't want it, you want her hand. It's alright though, don't worry worry wart because there's that charge between you now. It's arcing, jumping. Hand to hand, worry wart don't worry. There's a charge.

Grounding in 2

Caught by surprise champagne in hand. Stomp stomp stomp to the clomp clomp up to the stair case two steps steep. There you go, you're through the door, you're there for the night again. Simple simple steep steps. Only two. Did you climb did you climb? Screaming truth! And you worried worry wart. You worried and then you didn't and it was gone and you were like stone. Like stone! 

Grounding in 1

"Babe, the whole world's gonna know," And you want them to. Yes you do, it's something they should know because it was beautiful. It was wonderful fantastic and it was the greatest weekend of your life. SCREAMING TRUTH. It's all coming real now though, you're gotta go back to school tomorrow, you've gotta start doing that routine thing again. aaaaaahhhh nooooo...

Welcome back to Reality, please have your boarding pass ready.

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