Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Saturday Night

Working the later evening shifts at Sobeys, you generally see the shit of the world. you generally wonder why they're here so late, you generally wonder what makes them dress act stink the way they do. They walk by you in pairs trios quadruples and there's nothing unique about any of them. Generally speaking, most of them are just running a little late. Generally speaking, running late isn't exactly hamartia, it's just straight up lack of virtue.

Some people that come in look distinguished enough, but they're probably coming from a venue show of some sort that you couldn't bother to attend because, well hell, you're working the later evening shift at Sobeys. So these distinguished types that come in, they generally reek of whatever whatever type of olive oil that was sprinkled on their distinguished salad that was served with there distinguished wine. This is speaking of course, of only few people.

Generally speaking, most of these people that come in during the end of your later evening shift at Sobeys, they don't smile.

I like to play a game while I watch this people waltz around and do as they please like anyone else. I like to play a game while they add their own little flare to grocery shopping, because of course, generally speaking, these people don't grocery shop like everyone else does. Simply out of necessity. So I like to play a little game. It's called the, I wish I were doing something else right now game.

The rules are quite extensive, but it's easy to catch onto the trends after a little while. It's also easy to see how big a rip off this is of Palaniuk, spare me, let's play my game. Watch the people come in in duos trios quatros octuplets, now wait wait wait, here comes the game.

Every time you see some one in a thick coat slip something with little discretion under the many folds of his attire, wish you were with your friends. As he looks around and thinks that no one noticed, wish that you were out partying somewhere.

Working this late on a saturday night, every saturday night is just something you get used to. Walk walk walk, move a cart, walk walk walk, move a cart. It's just something that you've done so many times now that it's became a nice comfortable routine that is somewhat of cushy tedium. It's just sort of nice to throw yourself into something you really know what to do while the rest of the worlds flails around chaotically.

Everytime some one buys a box of condoms and winks at a female cashier, wish you were at home, reading a book.

I think I stopped taking cookies from the bakery and eating them because I thought it was going to make me fat. Wish you were home. I think it also could've been the fact that my image of morality started to get a little skewed.  Some one's in the store completely alone, no chance of being caught. They take nothing. This is how morality would become skewed with me. If I was there, I would eat cookies and cake all night and I would have my morality terribly skewed.

For every lazy deliquent that leaves there cart five feet from the doorway, wish that you called in sick for that surprise party.

You buy a fitness magazine and a health drink. You added a scoop of protien to your drink from starbucks. You did a lot today. You ate 13$ worth of chinese food. Tell yourself it all balances out, tell yourself you're not fat, tell yourself there's still some chance you can work out when you get home to work off that cookie you took from the bakery. Every time you think you're fat while working the later evening shift at Sobey's, wish you were at home eating cereal watching cartoons.

Everytime you consider yourself a valuable member of the Sobey's staff, wish you were watching Yu-gi-Oh when Yu-gi-Oh was cool.

Everytime your manager wishes you luck next week because she won't see you for 14 days, wish you were with your girlfriend lying on a warm beach somewhere.

Everytime your manager bids you well in leaving to work at an engineering firm this summer. Wish you were somewhere else.

Evertime, just wish you were somewhere else

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