Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, so I've already given up writing another blog? Why is this? Because quite honestly, I think I was trying to copy Steve Pavlina, and also, I don't think it's easy to capture the attention of, well anybody, with just a site about some sort of personal help, so I'm going to stick to this blog for a little while, I'm going to keep brainstorming, because I'm sure, soon enough, I'll find some way to create a blog with interesting things on it.

Steve Melvin told me something very insightly friday night, he told me that I should start blogging about topics, start blogging about something specific, and I think that might be a good idea, I just don't know where I can start. Maybe start by telling litle stories? Maybe try to go straight for humor? I'm not exactly sure, but it's getting more and more difficult to think of things that I can go about doing. What I have realized though, is that, no matter what I decide to start writing about, I'm going to end up losing more of what little time I already have.

I'm hoping soon I can get something going, something really captivating, but to all of you out there, I sincerely appreciate you coming along and following me through all of this.

In brighter news, my extremely dear and close friend Becky is starting a movie reviews blog, how cool is that! I wish I could be part of it, but something tells me that she watches a lot more movies than I do, and also that she probably has a more proper insight than I can offer, but still, that won't stop me from becoming an avid reader. You can see her reviews (when they get up and running) over at Fresh Cucumbers. Good luck Becky!

I'm going into the studio on tuesday to record the rest of what we've just been calling "derrr" but I'm not exactly sure what that real name will be, after all is said and done, I don't put much thought into what I actually call our songs. I just play guitar and sing. But, basically, I'll be the one going on in and making some licks and vox and then I'll come home and dwell on a name. It's on tuesday, which is incredibly unfortunate, because that's the night I almost always spend with Julianna, I'll have to get her to come with me, just for that night. Though I think it'll be a little boring for her... I can only hope I can keep her entertained. I really want to get this song done.

Lately, I've been trying to conquer the first hour of my day, trying to actually get something good done in that little while, so expect to see my blogs almost every morning, if you're really looking to read them quickly.

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Becks said...

Thanks for the luck :)
And I would be honoured if you'd lend me a hand on fresh cucumbers.

Also, for yor dillema about a new blog...
stop searching, and let the idea fly out and smack you in the face when you're not looking.