Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today I mostly feel like playing guitar and writing music. Today I want to go and I want to see a show where people sing and people play and people show emotion and people get together. Today I mostly want to play and sing and feel and be.

Today I feel like walking out in the sun. It's nice out, we don't get the chance often, you don't get the chance often, let's go walking out in the sun. Today I feel like moving through the trees so that I may touch the branches and branches and thorns and just wish that it was summer again. Today I mostly feel like walking in the sun

Today I feel like the world understood. Today I feel like she understood. Today she'll tell me she loves the way I look. Today I'll believe her. Today she'll be more beautiful than ever. Today I'll make sure to let her know because sometimes I just don't tell her enough, let her know enough that I find her absolutely lovely absolutely beautiful absolutely and utterly breathtaking.

Yesterday I told myself I'd eat less. Today I ate more. Yesterday I said I'd work out. Today has yet to flourish. Yesterday I told her that I'd come. Today I will. Today we'll walk in the sun. Today I'll play guitar. Today I'll work out.

Tomorrow I've got the rest of my life.

I'm going to stop looking at tomorrow and let there be today.


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