Monday, March 30, 2009

Here We Go Again

Okay, so as many of you heard from me today at school, or recently, I’ve decided to take up the polyphasic sleep charge again. I’m going to attempt something somewhat easier this time though.

During my attempt (mind you, incredibly failed attempt) at the Uberman sleep pattern, in which you take six naps spread out through your day, I found that it is incredibly hard to function socially on account of my always having to sleep. The Everyman Polyphasic sleep schedule still allows me two extra hours on each day, and allows a slightly more flexible social life.

Uberman’s schedule was ludicrous, and it would surely take some form of obsession to master it. Sleep for 20 minutes every six hours, no matter how difficult it may be to keep that schedule. I don’t think any one could be sane enough to truly live like that, unless of course they worked from home, had no wife or any children and most frequently urinated on house hold appliances while adapting the the Uberman.

The Everyman makes it much simpler. It simply calls for one core sleeping period, which consists usually of a three to four hour repose, and three periodic naps throughout your day. The core nap, or sleep period of the cycle defuses another problem that Uberman proposed. It allows us to continue differentiating between day time and night time, giving us some sense of method in time.

The three naps can be spaced much differently on account of the core sleep at the theoretical end of your day. My personal schedule will run as follows.

Everyman Sleep Schedule

Core:  12:00 am – 3:00 am

Nap 1:  8:00 am

Nap 2:  12:30 pm

Nap 3: 4:00 pm

Possible Error

I realize that it will be difficult for me to adapt to the schedule, however, the way the naps are going to function will allow me to fall asleep quite easily at the assigned times. This being the problem before, I’m sure it will help to dispose of some difficulty.

I also worry that perhaps the gap between my third daily nap and my Core may be too great. However, I’m led to believe that because it’s leading into the longer more rejuvenating core, that the lengthy period between will not hinder me too greatly.


It can be said that I will make revisions on this as soon as I am able, however, tonight will be my most difficult task of falling asleep by midnight, and reawakening by three AM.

To all of you reading, wish me the best of luck.


I want this so bad


Indifferent said...

Good luck, Jeff!

Gray said...

I've actually read up on the Uber- and Everyman methods. I was planning on trying the Everyman this summer, so keep us posted on what works and what doesn't if you can. It'd be cool to get a first hand account before I try it.

Cook said...

I'd be happy to help out with research on it. So far we're going good, just check up on my other blog where I'm jotting down the experience.