Saturday, March 28, 2009

Strange Days

You've really gotta wonder what happens when people are at parties together, the messages they send through their eyes to some one across the room. Jolts leaping from on spot to another, kicking the neurons in some one elses brain to realize or assume something. You've really gotta wonder what possesses people to actually cheat on their significant some one. Why some one would decide to bat their eyelashes down the train of people when they've already got some one so extremely suitable waiting for them.

And you passed up some one more than suitable.

It's just a damn shame that you find it so necessary to cross your hands with his. Just a strange and ironic sin. Do I blame him? I could, but in honesty, I kind of like the guy, actually, I kind of like both guys involved in this situation, and what did you do, you some how managed to come in and fuck things up for yourself. Could you say that I'm angry at you? Could you say that I don't want you to be happy? I could say a lot of things but what would it matter, you'll never actually change, and I hope he doesn't buy your I can change bullshit.

To think, to simply fathom that you would go on and leave him behind. To just ponder the consequences would have stopped you. He treated you so much better than that. You've cheated once, you've probably now twice. Congratulations ____ ____, you're part of the  Social Memorial, Walk of Fame, Name in the star. You fucked up once again.

You tried this whole thing with me. You tried this whole sham with me. I feel bad that he had to fall into your trap. Could he not smell the little cinnamon whisps of defunct shit that you weave? You're little Fireball graced slurs, did he find that attractive? Did he not see you the next day, did he not understand what he had done? I don't see him a dumb boy, he was simply misled, and that is incredibly unfortunate.

I feel like he should be given some sort of purple heart, some kind of honor for putting up with this. He wouldn't be a martyr, of course not. He couldn't be a martyr, his heart is too full with something. Something for you, but you defiled it, you fucked it up. And across the room, you knew you did. Those little statically charged neurons pattering away at the coarse patterns in your brain as you stared into his eyes. Your corneas searching for some other truth in him. Your depth perception failing for the alchohol. You were just searching for forgiveness. Forgiveness you don't deserve.

Flip your red hair.

You look up to this man you shouldn't be with. This man. Your history with him would mean nothing to ___ if you would just keep your hands off of him. You would be in the clear, there would be no frustration if you had any morality at all, but that's obviously out the door.

Burn your bible, beat your kids.

I think I might be ranting, but I sincerely and honestly feel terrible for bearing witness to such a shit show of bad judgement.

Enjoy single life.


 - To sir Oagles, I feel for you.

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