Thursday, March 26, 2009

Improving Blog Traffic

Okay, so I've been reading up on blog traffic, really trying to break it down into the how's and whys, the it's and whats. I really don't know where to start, or really what to do. Basically I've become incredibly confused with all of the things that I could be writing about. I just need some way to get myself started on all of this.

I tried looking at search trends in google, trying to find out what was most popular in my field of talents. Of course, I look at the trends in music. What comes up you ask? When I search for the general trends in music under arts and entertainment?


Do you know what comes up when I search for guitar under entertainment.

Guitar Hero

What comes up with I look at the general population's choice of searches?




Uggghhh, I can't escape that book, it seems like everybody wants to read it. That, or teenage girls just prefer to type the word into the search engine a million times just to prove they're a more die-hard Cullen fan than the last. You have to understand how terribly frustrating this is.

Okay, so I'm trying to write a blog that will attract a lot of people. This is my venting spot mind you, where all the people who really want to see my psyche will see it. That's you, my valuable and dedicated readers, I think you very much for it. Any way, back to my dilema.

I need to find out exactly what I can write and how I can write it as to attract a global audience. Steve Pavlina, my guidance at is saying to write timeless material. Is saying to write valuable material. Is saying to picture myself infront of a million people speaking. He says, I should say something worth while. What exactly can I say that would be worthwhile? What exactly can I offer?

What am I good at?

I can play guitar, I can teach guitar. But this requires videos, this requires a lot of time, something I'm currently working on. So, how am I going to figure all this hubub out? How am I going to make sure I make the right choice?

Who knows.

What do people want to read about? What can my valuable, timeless, important information be about? Google Says:




Honestly, I don't really know how I could ever write about something I know just little enough about to have an educated loathing of. So it's out of the question, I'm simply not going to write about it.

The next thing I've found becoming popular, is the blog written about people's life experiences becoming horrible, and terribly wretched. You're firmiliar with Fuck My Life? The website about unpleasant occurances? I could rip it off yes, but if I do, what would the good of me be hmm? See this is my dilema, I'm trying to brainstorm things that people would like to see/read about.

Help me out here people, when did I hit gold in my blogs? Have I ever done something that peaked your interest?


Jen said...
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Indifferent said...

Whoops, typed up my comment on a random other account that I don't use. xD

Oh gee, damn those girls and their twilight obsessions. Jeff writing about twilight would just be silly.

Although, no matter what you write, it's still going to be hard for people to spontaneously come across, which means you'd have to advertise your blog. Which wouldn't be all that hard, seeing as you have 1000+ friends on facebook, and you could just put it in your status and I'm sure atleast 20 of them would read it. xD

As for the topic, I think writing whatever you feel like writing at the time would be your best option. Forcing yourself to write a certain topic would be no fun. D;