Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sure, You could Say that

Take a few words and give them breath. Now wonder exactly how they sound feel taste on the tip of your lips. Would you really let everything around you to take on this? This? I couldn't say that sometimes I say the smartest of words, don't let it linger in my mind long enough before it comes out, but out out out it comes anyway. Out before I can even begin to think about stopping it.

You're not Ulysses.

Keep the clock running or you'll never be able to put value to action. Time gives action weight and action gives weight to time. We need that cycle, that tick tick coo-coo clock to let us know that what we're doing is actually worth something. If you can't hold onto that concept, you don't use your time. You sit, you play, you chat, you fritter time into the past, let it pass you by into another tense without even touching it. This is truly the waste.

I'll make you wish, you hadn't our time before.

I've gotta start paying attention to detail again, I'm letting it slip through my fingertips. Water water water. All details. And I let it just go on and slip through without actually giving it much thought at all. Time through action into the past. Water through my hands becomes the details I need. I have to start paying more attention to things, watching my steps, counting my sheep, or I won't get to where I have to be. I'll be spinning my wheels and burning out in the atmosphere. A bland yellow star, just waiting. Sitting. Water water water through my hands.

Am I so out of touch, to wanna let my darkness shine?

I want everyone to hear me, I want everyone to listen, to read, to comment. I don't know why. I just want to be out there on a platter. This is me, analyze me as you will. Can you even begin to understand how strange this is for some one with so many secrets. I can't tell anyone anything or my life on a platter will get exposed for the hypocricy and lies that it is. Secrets Secrets Secrets. Just stop listening, honestly, giving me the satisfaction of knowing some one actually comes to read these just fuels me on, makes me leave more filth. You can stop reading now in:





julianna crizack [smashed your glasses] :) said...

so what does this mean for us now then?

Ashes said...

Write more, it's the only connection in our lives right now